Silent Films

by Kaji

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"What does it feel like talking in an empty hall, breathing in a silent film, screaming in your sleep"

Silent Films is a collection of both personal and fictitious stories dealing with addiction, self acceptance, and family.


released October 15, 2013

This EP was recorded from June - August 2013.

Music/Lyrics: Kaji
Mix/Master: Ahmad Husayn



all rights reserved


Kaji Singapore

Post Hardcore from Singapore.

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Track Name: Nevada's Sickness
I'm sorry I won't be here
He misses his family, he misses his life
The god he once believed in
Before things went astray

And he's alone now
A man of delusion, he's lost and so afraid
He takes up his memories to a rooftop so tall
He looks up to the sky and asks
What's the purpose of this all if perfection's not real

This is all my life is now
A desolate cry for help

He's begging for attention
But no one seems to hear
He writes to his wife and family
I'm sorry I won't be here
Track Name: Evening News
It's kind of funny how simple communication doesn't exist in these costly family ties
And I'm treading water to keep my head up
To keep myself afloat
I've heard it said before that you never know what you have till it's gone

With no intent of mending things, of demanding things or anything
I just wanted you to know, she's packed her bags and up and left
In search of her nothingness
And I'm torn up inside
Only a place so full of hate can habitate this misery

The time has come, I'll bite my lip
And scream to the people listening to the evening news
That there's no more to life than this
There's no more to life than this

This empty space can't hold my heart
This cage is enclosing me
This empty space can't hold my heart
I'm trapped inside
No air to breathe

I've held up my end of this
And now I'm breaking down, I'm breaking down
The empty words that float so gracefully between your teeth

This is not the fucking place
It's not the fucking place
This is not the time
This is not the fucking place.
Track Name: Crutch
What does it feel like talking in an empty hall
Breathing in a silent film
Screaming in your sleep
I know that I've fucked this up somehow
But I keep coming back unbound
Feigned care, your heart's return
We're scared we've missed our turn

You're just another poached heart
And I am no man for you to wait in turn
I promised you answers, instead I'm carving up the walls
I promised you answers, instead we're living in empty halls
I promised you answers
But I can't walk with shards in my feet

I am no one, no one
Your hated disease
I am no one
Track Name: These Bones
They say it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't
To burn the bridges behind you than to look at the worst part of you
But things don't feel so consistent

I met your eyes in the water
And I've never seen so clearly
Vessels won't sail when they start to age

Please don't hate my words
Don't run from this
Don't let me hide

This is not yet a place
Not yet a weight
It's still alive for you to wake
Can't we walk on our own, I was my fortress

My own patience won't rest on my shoulders
Lost every place I called my home
These feet won't find home on shaking ground
Buy me temper
Cut this tether
I'm feeling capable of writing in pen
Of writing what's spent
Track Name: Mother
Remember that night you said
That things were going to be alright
Remember the promise we made
And the settling sound

But now things have changed, you've changed your mind
You've turned away, I'm left behind
And all I can think is what I've done
To tell you the truth
I'm haunted

Should we talk about the things that find us
How they speak our tongue
How they teach us harm
And leave us alone

The route back to my place was tatters
The roads were soaked in rain
I didn't feel anything I wanted
A degree of shame for a different name

She kept us from our sorrows
She held my life in her hands
I prayed for pain for the first time
Help me understand, help me understand.
Track Name: Semper Fi
I still can see you, beyond the blue
Through shades that let light pass through
And I think back to the times in the back seat as we drove through the countryside
I can still feel the sunlight on my cheek, a tender child so eager to see what was in a tree or on the ground
But in the ground, into the ground you've made your way
You've made your way
It's against my will to ask this but did you have to leave
Did you have to take that job

And I just wish, quite selfishly I suppose
That you chose a different path
That you chose a different path

And though I'm trying hard to let it go
Every other night when I'm alone
You're all I can think of
I can still remember last December
The night before you left

You looked at me straight in the eyes and said
"Son this will all be over soon
And I'll be back for good, this time next year"

"Everything will change, and for the better"
This was all before they called on you
To serve the land you called your home
And you were always so intent on being
Someone I'd, someone I'd be proud of

But these white sheets can't hide the truth
They covered you, your bones delude
There's nothing left now, nothing left for me