Astrid - Forgiving Is A Choice, Forgetting Isn't

from by Kaji



Lit cigarettes dance through our fingers
Like our thoughts - prancing more than it ever should
And the silence between our words spoke more than we ever could
A clash of black and white, of hate and love
Of so much guilt and pain tainted on the white sheets we can't erase
Stark memories tucked between creases

More chilling, interlacing
Never escaping and it wrecks our nerves
And it wrecks our minds, our bodies, our conscience
So tell me how can we dance now
How is it possible that our feet are in sync like we've always known each other
How do our fingers interlock like vines intertwined
How did the stars align, how is that we're here again?

Take me away from this place
Take me away from my mind
Take me away from myself
Take me away

(Erase, erase)
Cause my mind's a wreck and my body's frail
(Unsee, unsee)
These ghosts are forever haunting me
(Save me, save me)
Cause I have been struggling to grasp on anything
(Erase, erase)

Like sand running through my fingers
The end has been written in stone
And I'm giving up scribbling on these walls
The number of times that I've tried
But lost anyway

There is no one else in the mirror
There is no one else in the mirror
There is no one else in the mirror, but me

It has always been easy to push the blame on me
So I can carry the weight of perception
Of never trying hard enough
But there comes a point where your knees buckle
And you can't feel your shoulders
And you admit defeat
You admit defeat

You swallowed the bitter pill
You were never in control
Never in control of anything


from Five​-​Way Split, released September 27, 2015
Syam, Hasif, Farid, Nass, Ahmad

Drums recorded at Lithe Paralogue
Vocals & Guitars recorded with Ahmad Husayn
Mixed by Ahmad Husayn



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Kaji Singapore

Post Hardcore from Singapore.

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